Hello dentalites, your messiah have come! As Xp set to Provide a banking service centre in the college

*XP security and financial Solutions 101*
The management lately provided extra security machinery and they are doing really good.
Again after much calculation and deduction I came out with the idea of solving one of the challenges students have been facing on campus. This problem of access to emergency want and secured transaction in college free from arm robbers along the way to the ATM station at Nowas . Though a team of solution minded students and I have embarked on a mission to provide the college with at least one ATM in college for safer and better transactions. But the mgt as a community couldn't meet up with the banks requirement of risk! 

They wouldn't share the damages that may occur if any happens on the ATM which is the major reasons why students leave at night to withdraw cash to buy stuff including food. So it looked as if our efforts were abbortive and futile. But this year I brought hope to us. By February when school might have started fully. Collaboratively with philanthropic minds and I will be launching a financial and monetary dispensing centre in the campus where students can withdraw, deposit , transfer and pay there dues, be it sug, faculty and departmental dues without fear of attack ,loss,  damage or harrasment. It will save us time and energy to que in the bank for financial transaction. And at this juncture I sincerely want to call the attention of every union sect in the campus . Sug, faculty, department and other association in campus to make this work.
Then the issue of buying food outside has risen to the extent it calls for more food vendors inside the campus. Which I'm also working on. Thank u

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