Some internet users are having mixed feelings about the arrest and freedom of El-Zakzaky after EndSARs convener, Segalink, shared a throwback video of the leader of IMN preaching against killings and violence by Muslim faithfuls, stating what the punishment of any who kills should be.
Segalink on sharing the video, wrote:-
Don’t be brainwashed. Shiites don’t kill people. Shiites respects, regards and obey the laws of the land. They are simply not in bed with any self seeking politician. Don’t believe what murderers seeking to enslave us all want you to think. #FreeZakzaky
Read your Quran/Bible and know God for yourselves. Stop justifying murders and jettison bearing false witness against another you know not. #EndImpunity #RevolutionNow
However the video which is somewhat trending on social media, shattered Nigerians of what to believe of the sect after their recent activities in the capital territory and other parts of the country.